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With property in and around Halifax and Hull being so expensive, it makes a lot of sense to maximise every square inch of a home. After all, if you’re short on space it’s smarter to convert an under-utilised space than to up and move (with all the associated stress, fees and risks). Not only will garage, basement or loft conversions deliver you new, usable space – they’ll significantly improve the value of your property.


This is where Wade Joiners & Builders comes in. Since 1968, our expert team of building contractors and joinery contractors have been handling conversion projects of all shapes and sizes. We handle everything in-house, working to not just meet, but exceed your expectations. As a fully insured company with such a long history, and being a member of leading industry trade body, the National Federation of Builders, we’re uniquely qualified to deliver garage, basement and loft conversions for clients in and around Halifax and Hull.

House Renovations in Halifax

So contact us today for a free, no obligation quote or advice if you’re unsure how best to go about improving your home. Below, we’ve provided some information on the different types of conversions we carry out and what they involve…

Loft Conversions

We have experience in handling all popular styles of loft conversions. Which will best suit your needs depends largely on the shape and size of your roof, its intended use etc. Don’t worry if it’s not immediately clear which option you should go for; our friendly team of professionals are always on hand to provide advice and assistance.


Dormer Loft Conversions – The most common type we take on around Halifax and Hull, dormer loft conversions involve adding structures to a roof which increase headspace. A window juts out the roof, within the pitch (unlike a Velux, defined further down below).


Mansard Loft Conversions – Involving significant changes to the structure of your roof, mansard loft conversions see the creation of a 72 degree pitch and three walls (rather than two). They offer the most extra space, but most Halifax and Hull property owners will need to seek planning permission for these types of project. For some, this is a game breaker but keep in mind we can help you secure this permission if so required.


Hip-to-Gable Loft Conversions – These accomplish exactly what they say on the tin; our building contractors and joinery contractors change the hipped part of your roof to a gable end, giving you upright walls on each side of the property. While they deliver more space than Velux and dormer loft conversions, they also take longer to complete and are more expensive.


Velux Loft Conversions – If your roof is already the right shape and size for its intended use, then our building contractors / joinery contractors can simply install a Velux window to bring in light and air, before fixing it up with all the infrastructure and decoration that will bring it to life.

basement conversion

Garage Conversions

Basement Conversions

Many homeowners in Halifax, Hull and the surrounding areas we cover find themselves using a garage for the storage of odds and ends. If this sounds like you, consider what a garage conversion could offer… a new bedroom, kitchen, games and hobby room, home office. Our building contractors and joinery contractors will ensure that every aspect of your garage is brought up to the relevant building standards, so it is both comfortable to use and meets legal requirements.

These are the least common conversion, due to more properties around Halifax and Hull having lofts and garages than basements. But they fulfil the same end goal, and can turn dingy, dank spaces into new bedrooms, home offices, gyms, music and art studios – just as with our garage conversions, we can deliver whatever you can dream up! The main aspects involved include the installation of important infrastructure, and ensuring that the basement is well-ventilated and meets fire safety standards.

To discuss in further detail what loft conversions, garage conversions and basement conversions can do for your Halifax or Hull property – call Steve: 07887 707 664 or Jeanette: 07400 101 11 today!

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House Renovations in Halifax
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House Renovations in Halifax
basement conversion
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House Renovations in Halifax
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